Tiger – Black and White


Oil Painting
35 cm x 28 cm

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Chiaroscuro, originating from the Italian words “chiaro” (light) and “scuro” (dark), is a painting technique that emphasizes the interplay between light and shadow to create a sense of volume and three-dimensionality in artwork. In this captivating artistic endeavor, the artist skillfully employs chiaroscuro to create a mesmerizing black and white tiger artwork. Inspired by masters like Caravaggio, they deftly manipulate light and shadow to evoke awe and fascination. Meticulous brushstrokes bring the tiger’s majestic form to life, with layers of paint adding depth and realism. The stark black and white palette intensifies the contrast, accentuating intricate details of fur and features. This exploration deepens the artist’s technical understanding and ignites a desire for continuous growth. It serves as a catalyst for their evolution, fueling a passion and commitment to their craft. Beyond personal development, the artist aspires to share their love for art, aiming to evoke emotions and inspire curiosity in others through their captivating tiger masterpiece.

Materials Used:

  • Stretched Canvas
  • Oil Painting

For more information, please send me a message.

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Dimensions 35 × 28 cm

Black, White






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