The Voice Within – Rainbow


Acrylic Painting
50 cm x 70 cm

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“The Voice Within” is a thought-provoking triptych of portrait paintings that delve into the intricate realm of the artist’s inner dialogue and the multitude of personalities that coexist within them. Through this series, the artist presents a captivating exploration of the human psyche, unveiling a mosaic of diverse voices and critics that shape their thoughts and emotions.

Rainbow emerges with her serene and calm demeanor, characterized by her rainbow-colored hair. She represents a voice within the artist that embraces serenity and tranquility, offering a sense of balance amidst the conflicting voices.

“The Voice Within” invites viewers to explore their own inner dialogues and encourages self-reflection and the acknowledgment of the multifaceted nature of human identity. Through these striking portraits, the artist invites us to embrace our own unique voices and navigate the intricacies of our inner worlds with compassion and understanding.


  • Stretched Canvas
  • Acrylic Paint

For more information, please send me a message.

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Dimensions 50 × 70 cm

Blue, Multi-colored, pink, White





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