The Survivor Series – Impassioned

30 cm x 40 cm

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The “Survivor Series” is a captivating 3-piece artwork that embodies the triumphant spirit of passion, determination, and unwavering confidence in the face of life’s challenges. Each painting in this extraordinary collection tells a unique story of resilience and personal growth.

Titled “Impassioned“, evokes a profound emotional intensity. It portrays the inner fire that burns within, fueling the pursuit of dreams and overcoming obstacles. The vibrant colors and dynamic brushstrokes convey the depth of one’s passion and the unwavering commitment to follow one’s heart.

The “Survivor Series” is an invitation to connect with the indomitable human spirit and find inspiration in the face of adversity. It serves as a visual testament to the power of passion, determination, and unwavering confidence. Immerse yourself in this transformative collection, and let the stories of resilience and personal growth empower and uplift you.

Materials Used:

  • Paper
  • Watercolor

For more information, please send me a message.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 40 cm

Black, orange, Yellow


wildlife, tiger




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