The Ocean Waves series is a collection of three paintings that demonstrates my progression as I explore the medium of acrylic textured paste.

The first piece of the Ocean Waves series depicts a stunning sunset over soft waves rolling across a bed of pink sand. This was my first foray into using acrylic textured paste and I was curious to see how it would behave on the canvas and how it would look once dry. As I worked on the piece, I paid close attention to the effects of the paste and made note of any observations or insights I had. After completing the first painting, I took the time to reflect on my work and identify areas where I felt I excelled and areas where I could improve in the future.

The second piece in the Ocean Waves series is a rough yet evocative depiction of the Philippine’s Virgin Island. Nestled in the shallow waters of the ocean, the island is surrounded by waves that crest and crash during high tides. In this painting, I aimed to capture the movement and energy of the waves as they surge towards the island. While the waves in this piece are shallow in comparison to the first painting in the series, the colors are more bold and lively, adding to the overall sense of movement and drama.

The final piece in the Ocean Waves series is the most experimental, as I fully embrace the expressive potential of the acrylic textured paste medium. In this piece, I wanted to create a different kind of texture compared to the first and second paintings in the series. To achieve this, I added rocks to the composition to create more depth and texture. I also included soft waves to show the movement of the water, as well as seafoam to represent the crashing of waves against the rocks. This painting is a testament to my willingness to push the boundaries and try new techniques as I continue to learn and grow as an artist.

Overall, the Ocean Waves series is a beautiful representation of my study of textures, which reflects my personal journey of growth and acceptance. Each painting in the series showcases a different stage in my creative evolution, from the traditional depiction of waves in the first piece, to the more abstract and expressive style of the final painting. Through my experimentation with the medium of acrylic textured paste, I was able to push my own boundaries and challenge myself to try new techniques and approaches. The result is a stunning collection of paintings that celebrates the beauty and power of the ocean, as well as my own growth and development as a creative force.

Jitty Creative Studio
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