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Artist Statement

Jessielaine Punongbayan, a self-taught artist originating from the Philippines and currently working in Austria as a software engineer, draws profound inspiration from her expatriate life in Europe, resulting in a distinctive artistic style.

She is deeply drawn to the linocut medium. Her artistic vision is to create more linocut artwork that honors her Filipino heritage and encapsulates the essence of her experience as a European expatriate. Through this medium, she aims to convey the richness and complexity of her journey.

Her art is inspired by travels all over the world and heavily influenced by nature, texture, and patterns. She enjoys experimenting and combining different techniques to create pieces that represent who she is as an artist. When you invest in her work, you are not only adding a unique piece to your collection, but also receiving a piece of her vision and a part of herself.

Embracing linocut as her chosen medium, she meticulously carves and crafts each piece, allowing for a unique interplay of form and texture. This deliberate process is a testament to her dedication to pushing the boundaries of linocut art.

Her creative process is marked by a perpetual exploration of new techniques and styles, reflecting an artist in constant evolution. Each piece encapsulates the rich tapestry of her experiences, inviting viewers to join her on this ever-evolving journey.

Through her art, she invites viewers to find their own connections, to be reminded of the beauty and complexity that surrounds us, and to embrace the potential for resurgence and growth, even later in life.

Thank you for embarking on this artistic journey with her. Together, let us celebrate the power of transformation, experimentation, and the boundless possibilities that art offers.

Art Exhibitions:

  • 2023
    • ArtNumber23 Gallery (Salzburg and Athens)
    • Medina Art Gallery (Rome)
    • Kubo 2023 (Vienna)
Jitty Creative Studio
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