Jessielaine Punongbayan is a self-taught artist from the Philippines who has made her way to Austria, where she works as a software engineer. Her experiences as an expatriate artist living in Europe have greatly influenced her unique style of art.

Inspired by her travels, Jessielaine’s artwork showcases a variety of themes, including nature, street art, music, textures, and patterns. Combining bright acrylics and muted pastels, textured clay, watercolor, and incorporates elements of pointillism and carving into her work. As a result, her growing collection is diverse in both style and medium.

Rediscovering her passion for painting later in life has given Jessielaine a sense of urgency and adventure, which drives her to experiment and push the boundaries of her art. She is constantly exploring new techniques and styles, and her artwork is a reflection of her journey as an artist.

Art Exhibitions:

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