We are all bounded by rules. Whether it is a rule imposed by society or a rule created by us to have discipline and order, we all follow rules. And this also applies in the art world.

I am a self-taught artist. Initially, I had a difficult time calling myself an ‘artist’. Simply because I lack formal art education, I started very late, and my profession is Software Engineering. I wanted to be a professional artist but that path seems to be difficult to achieve.

My journey began in 2020, and I took it seriously. I started painting along with YouTube videos, studied color theory, and basically tried out every medium I know: acrylic, watercolor, oil, pastel, graphite, ink, etc. My goal is to develop my own style as soon as possible and master one medium. That’s where I made a mistake

The idea of having my own style and mastering a medium restricted me as an artist.

My creativity was boxed in, and I began comparing myself with other artists. This made me angry because I felt like I was not good enough.

Several years passed by, and I was still on the level of “copying other people’s artwork”. I was disappointed because it felt like I had no idea of my own. Even though I was getting commissions, this level was not satisfying for me. I want to move up to another level.

So one day, I decided I had had enough and I wanted to let go. Copying was not enough! I wanted to make my own mark! I wanted to create my own artwork!

I told myself that if this artwork looked like garbage, then so be it. I would take it as a learning opportunity. I was so afraid, so I asked myself:

“Why am I doing this and Who am I doing this for?”

Well, I’m doing this for my young self. It was my dream to be an artist and I want to give it my all.

So, I went for a long weekend and locked myself in my room. I put on some music and started painting. This gave birth to Ocean Waves.

Ocean Waves represents my journey as an artist. Just as waves vary in strength when they reach the shore, my skills and progress changes throughout my career. I chose waves as a symbol to reflect this evolution

In the end, I was satisfied with this artwork. It was my first original piece, showcasing the complexity and depth of my progress. I freed myself from the constraints I had imposed and simply let my creativity flow. And I was happy!

Because of this artwork, new opportunities opened up. I was selected by ArtNumber23 to participate in their exhibition in Salzburg. It gave me the boost and confidence that I needed to move forward.

From then on, I decided to practice creating my own artwork using reference photos. I still watch Youtube videos, but this time, instead of painting along, I study the artist’s process and learn from it.

Letting go of my fears and doubts has definitely helped provide a different perspective on how to move forward in my art career. I’m happy I did it and I recommend it to whoever is reading this.

Now, I am still trying out other mediums and cherry-picking the things that I like to add to my repertoire. As for my own style, I decided not to have one. I let go of that desire and decided to do whatever I want. I am now painting using my feelings and intuition, and whatever the result is, that is my style.

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